Teams & Advisors

The Lead team members and advisors are globally distributed with members based in Nigeria, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, China, etc. The team and advisor panel is continually growing.

Chianakwalam Eliezer

Co-Founder & chief executive officer

Eliezer has a wealth of experience in the blockchain industry, working closely with numerous projects and making sure their set goals are met and exceeded.He also has a great amount of experience building traditional businesses, and his understanding of these two worlds makes his knowledge priceless in bridging both. His passion for making Lead Wallet the gateway to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is unquestionable

Henry Onyebuchi

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Henry Onyebuchi is a smart-contract developer with over two years’ experience in building robust decentralized applications in the blockchain industry. He has been CTO for Rarecandy3D and Lead Wallet, and he recently worked as the lead smart contract developer for DeSpace protocol. He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has a track record of helping startups reach their desired technical goals.

Jaswant Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

An entrepreneur with more than 8 years of experience in the startup environment working on different innovative solutions across designing, advertising and management industries that helped shape and drive businesses with his creative ideas. His goal is to become a contributor to the fast-growing world of social entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. His passion for the blockchain scene stems from his personal experience working in the conventional marketing and design sector. Quickly he grew to realize that in this world, power is concentrated at the top. While the crypto scene offers a chance to rewrite the rulebook. He holds a design degree and has won international awards representing his country at many world stages.

Vinay Yadav

Chief Business Development Officer

A Business Development professional associated with tech industries for more than 12 years, he has extensive work experience across multiple business functions such as sales, marketing, management and financial positions throughout his decade-long career in the hardware, software and internet industries. A true all-round prospect is known for his on-time project delivery. Master in tactics to assist in strategic planning and monitoring the business.

Neil Mani

Chief Design Officer

Neil is an experienced designer with more than seven years’ experience in design leadership, strategic design and user experience design. He is extremely focused on innovation, with a special focus on user experience strategy, omni-channel solution design, design for enterprise solutions, advanced ecosystem research and validation techniques. Neil brings his extensive design experience to Lead Wallet and will oversee the creation of a platform which is powerful, intuitive and visually appealing.

Ruddy Setiadi Gunawan

Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

Ruddy has been working professionally in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017. He is the Technical advisor and co-founder of Lead Cyber Services Limited, the company behind Lead Wallet, and has previously worked with a number of other crypto projects. Ruddy has extensive experience with startups, particularly those in the blockchain space.

obasi francis ifegwu

Co-Founder & Business Advisor (Growth)

Obasi has over 8 years of experience in the start-up environment, is the Co-founder of Lead Cyber Services Limited, creator of Lead Wallet, and DeSpace Protocol. Obasi is passionate about bringing the benefits of DeFi and NFT to the world and will advise Lead Wallet on strategies to build a successful business growth & expansion.

Suraj Narayan

Frontend Developer

Highly motivated Mobile Application Developer with over 6 plus years of experience in Mobile App development. Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience working on Smartphone Applications(Android , IOS, React-native). Proven ability to interface with customers, understand product requirements, and design proof of concept prototypes.

Kingsley Victor

Full-stack software engineer

Kingsley is a full-stack software engineer with 1 year experience in the blockchain industry and an overall 4+ years experience in the software engineering industry. He is as well a smart contract engineer. He recently worked as a backend web3 engineer at DeSpace Protocol and is currently a technical lead at the Dogecoin 2.0 Foundation. He is also C.T.O at the VeFi Foundation and 3Swap. Kingsley is an ardent learner and is open to learning new technologies. He's also enthusiastic about philosophy.

Stephen Adedeji Elefiku

Full Stack Web Developer

Stephen is a Full Stack Web Developer with over three (3) years of experience. He is the CTO for Luzoma Microsystems Limited and Leadwallet Web Development. He also has a degree in Industrial Mathematics. He is passionate about learning and has the unique ability to quickly adapt to new environments. He is easy to access, humble and kind to everyone around him.